Talents are easy to source when you have the right tools

Take a quick glance at three smart steps powering your entire hiring workflow and driving a great candidate experience.

Employer Profile

The best companies preach their values in everything they do. It’s how you attract top performers and increase engagement. Promote your company’s culture out loud and on high for the best talent to see migrate towards.
  • Tell about your company, including location, number of employees, and time in business. A well-crafted profile can help you recruit great people.

  • Add your company logo to make your ultimate Applicant Tracking System a branded part of your team.

  • A picture is worth 1,000 words. A video? Even more. Add custom video and photo galleries to improve communication and deepen engagement.

  • What’s amazing about working at your company? Candidates certainly want to know. Take pride in the work environment you’ve created. Show off what makes you great.

  • Say hello, or bonjour, or Nǐ hǎo to professionals all around the globe. The world is small, your candidates are global. Communicate clearly everywhere with multilingual profile functions.

  • Attract followers, keep them updated with company news, fresh openings.

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Job promotion & Referrals

Create AI-powered job descriptions nurtured with great recruiting content. Instantly post your jobs to popular job boards and social media channels to reach a bigger pool of qualified candidates. Your job postings are always right in front of the best candidates everywhere they’re looking.
  • Create your job postings in multiple languages. Reach out a more diverse workforce with localized experiences.

  • Organize keywords to maximize the visibility of your jobs in search engines.

  • Detail your benefits package right on your job listing to attract top talent while displaying your commitment to your employees.

  • Set application rules, decide optional & required document sets

  • Go beyond a simple skill set listing and communicate exactly how each job requirement is scored with powerful scoreboard.

  • Save time and resources with custom-designed pre-screening questionnaires. Instantly filter out applicants that do not meet the most elementary requirements. Focus on best scored candidates instead.

  • With smart permissions and team collaboration tools, organize your in-house recruiting team, and even invite external recruiters to your project. Work from anywhere.

  • Use unique URL for each job to distribute your jobs. With a click or two, they’re posted everywhere imaginable, on popular local and international job boards, and even on social media. Professionals will see and share your listings by word-of-mouth and throughout their social network – the ultimate win-win.

  • Display jobs at your company website through customizable widget code.

  • Extend recruitment reach with brand ambassadors. Ask friends and colleagues to refer candidates who would be a good fit for your openings. Motivate your referrals with bonus or reward packages, see which of them are bringing the best-fit candidates.

  • Weight off your shoulders, invite external users and let them be an effective part of the recruiting process. Find the best-fit candidates effortlessly with the power of external recruiters behind.

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Lead generation: Talent Pool

Reduce time and cost to hire by building a high-quality candidate database. Just add folders by departments; import and accurately store all of your favorite candidates there for your current and future needs. With Glorri, top-notch candidates always at your fingertips.
  • Import bulk CVs with the resume parser tool in minutes. Convert imported resumes to customizable candidate profiles.

  • Import candidate data with Glorri’s simple browser extension.

  • Merge duplicated profiles.

  • Reach candidates quickly with advanced search tool.

  • Filter candidates by origin, source tag, status, etc.

  • Take bulk actions (Assign/Remove/Invite, etc.)

  • Add candidates to your favorite list.

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Built-in Talent Database

Understand the energy and experience of candidates as never before with GLORRI's own Candidate Database (GCD). Easily fill your pool or job pipeline with exciting candidates.
  • Gain an access to Glorri’s AI-powered and growing Candidate Database, search and connect with the candidates instantly.

  • View candidates’ up-to-date profiles, understand your candidates faster with illuminating video resumes.

  • Enrich your candidate database by adding the best-fit candidates to your own Talent pool.

  • Invite the best-fit candidates to apply your openings. View the statuses of your invitations.

  • Get linked with the candidates faster with Glorri’s powerful matching technology. We connect you with the candidates whose profile matches your job opening.

  • Communicate with candidates in real-time. Discuss the details, share, and exchange files.

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Interactive dashboard

Take a bird’s eye view of everything that’s happening in your current recruitment process through a convenient dashboard. Predict and plan your next actions. Never miss updates.
  • View and compare application data - number of applications and candidates in total for each job on a chart.

  • Get a snapshot of current tasks and interviews in Team Calendar.

  • Stay updated with real-time notifications. Track and monitor the recruitment activities, boost collaboration across your team.

  • View the most recent applications; see which candidate applied for which job.

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Recruiting pipeline

Glorri brakes tedious and time-consuming old recruiting habits. Create structured workflows and deep communication faster than ever before. Track and easily manage all applications through a streamlined recruiting pipeline. Drastically reduce time-to-fill.
  • Drag & drop candidates from one stage to another across your hiring pipeline.

  • Take bulk actions -Disqualify/Assign/Remove/Add source/Send messages etc.

  • Sort your candidates with an advanced filtering system, view applications by source, stage, score, etc.

  • Get real-time insights on your job opening. Stay updated with job-specific notifications.

  • Track the status of referred and externally invited candidates; view who accepted or why rejected your offer.

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Message Templates

Save time and reduce the workload on applicant correspondence with customizable message/e-mail templates. Drive a great candidate experience by communicating with your candidates clearly and on time.
  • Drive candidates’ attention with perfectly crafted message templates.

  • Use default templates or add your own templates for all scenarios.

  • Use automatic placeholders to personalize information for each recipient.

  • Communicate with your candidates globally by adding templates in multiple languages.

  • Set the privacy rule for your message templates, decide who can access or modify your templates.

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Real-time communication

Don't waste your time for waiting e-mail replies. Glorri's real-time communication capabilities let you initiate real-time messaging with your candidates. Discuss details, ask questions, and build meaningful relationships.
  • Take full control over communication with your applicants. Claim or disable chat with desired candidates at any time.

  • Attach and exchange files over the inbound message box.

  • See whether your messages will be read right away with online presence status.

  • Keep record of your communication with candidates. View chat history for any position or any specific position that candidate applied.

  • View and track incoming and outgoing messages for each job in the built-in Inbox.

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Interview scheduling

Deliver an engaging interview experience with Glorri’s built-in powerful interview scheduling tool. Arrange remote or on-site interviews in a few clicks with your candidates.
  • Pick the interview date and time from your calendar, leave important notes both for your interview team.

  • Offer interview slots for your candidates in the interview stage. Let them choose a slot that fits their agenda.

  • Send invitations to your candidates personally or in bulk for approval.

  • Get feedback from your candidates both in real-time or via email.

  • Use Glorri’s native, free video interview tool to screen your candidates remotely.

  • Track the statuses of your interviews through Team Calendar.

  • Get handy reminders for upcoming interviews.

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All-In-One Candidate Profiles

The All-in-One Candidate Profile is an outstanding example of how well this happens with Glorri. Enjoy the smartest, most complete, and fully customizable candidate profiles ever created. View everything about your candidate in a structured format.
  • View & manage application docs (CV, cover letter, application score, and video answers, etc.)

  • View & compile all received docs in a single section.

  • Good candidate, but not fits your current position? No worries, add that candidate to your folder for further openings with a single click.

  • View the activities of your team members with the candidates.

  • Discuss and rate candidates with your team members in real-time. View team scores on a convenient scorecard.

  • Easily schedule interviews with the candidate, track their statuses.

  • Communicate with the candidate in real-time.

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Candidate evaluation

Drive recruiting forward with industry-leading applicant evaluation. With Glorri’s AI-powered applicant evaluation tools, there is no room for subjectivity, discrimination, or unfairness in the hiring process. Discuss & compare candidates to one another with your team, pick the best performing candidates with ease, and complete confidence.
  • Easily identify ‟resume spammers” and filter a vast pool of applications quickly with Glorri’s smart pre-screening questionnaires.

  • Add killer, scoring and video questions to filter out best fit applications from irrelevant ones instantly.

  • Activate EEOC / OFCCP compliance surveys in your pre-screening questionnaires.

  • View a full list of qualified and unqualified applicants in a smart and multi-functional table. Sort candidates by application score and team score.

  • Set professional, soft, and language skills associated with your job opening. Assign a score for each skill to evaluate candidates individually or with your team on the scoreboard.

  • Discuss candidates with your team in real-time, leave your thoughts on candidates, rate their skills together.

  • Use Glorri’s native video interview tool to screen your candidates’ speaking & critical thinking abilities.

  • Create engaging questions and get illuminating answers with your Online Quiz Creator (GOQ).

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Team Collaboration & Task Management

In a team setting, Glorri shines brighter. No more long-lasting meetings, numerous email correspondences. Invite your entire team on board. It’s super easy to track, evaluate, and manage job applicants as a group with Glorri.
  • Invite unlimited team members without per-seat costs. Define team members' roles and responsibilities.

  • Set permissions to limit their access to sensitive company data.

  • Communicate with your team member in real-time. Discuss, evaluate, and hire the candidates together.

  • Track the activities of your team members with real-time notifications.

  • Assign Tasks for your team, appoint a point-person responsible for completing each task, set due dates, add notes, and check statuses of tasks at any time, view and update personal and team tasks on the dynamic calendar.

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Reports & Analytics

Review and measure the recruiting performance of your company; identify bottlenecks with smart analytics. Improve the quality of hire by making more informed decisions.
  • Count the days from the date when you’ve published your job and the candidate has entered your pipeline. Calculate how much time you need to fill a position with time-to-hire & time-to-fill metrics.

  • Track the source of your applicants, see where candidates come from.

  • See the total number of people clicked to your job opening and how many of them turned into applicants with conversion rate metrics.

  • Track the recruiting performance (hiring speed, the total number of jobs posted, interviews scheduled, tasks assigned, etc) of your team. Download the results Excel in format.


Glorri provides you essential tools to make your hiring practices GDPR friendly. Make the recruitment process super easy, fast, and transparent to drive a great candidate experience.
  • Automate candidate consent; attach your privacy policy to your job postings; get permission from your applicants before using their personal data.

  • Attach data correction and data erasure links to your messages. Ensure candidates’ right to access and erasure their data.

  • Set a data retention period. Reduce the risk of keeping unnecessary, inaccurate, or out of date information.

Top recruiters have the optimistic belief that the right combination of people will create magic together. We know this is true. Glorri empowers you to make it happen.