Talents are easy to source when you have the right tools

Take a quick glance at three smart steps powering your entire hiring workflow and driving a great candidate experience.

Full List of Features

Candidate sourcing
Employer Profile
Mobile-optimized career page
Localized candidate experiences
Social sharing
Free & premium job boards
Internal job postings
Jobs Widget
Working with External Recruiters
Single click apply
Talent pool
Resume parsing
Powerful candidate search tool
Customizable candidate profiles
Candidate sorting & filtering tools
Glorri Built-in Talent Database
Candidate sharing
Custom CSS for Career Page Soon
AI Candidate Matching Soon
Chrome extensions for sourcing Soon
Candidate Management and Evaluation
Interactive dashboard
Job status (Drafted/Closed/Archived etc.)
Recruiting pipeline
Drag and drop feature
360-degree candidate profiles
Application source tracking
Real-time communication with candidates
Pre-screening questionnaires
Video questions
Native video interview tool
Interactive scoreboard
Automatic identification of eligible and non-eligible applications
Application scoring, ranking & filtering
Interview scheduling
Bulk actions
Snoozing Candidates
Mass messages
Message Templates
Activity feed
Online tests Soon
Interview timeslots Soon
Video resumes Soon
Team collaboration
Roles and permissions
Collaborative evaluation and scoring
Team reviews and feedbacks
Task management
Real-time updates and notifications
Shared inbox
Reporting, Analytics and Privacy
Team Performance Report
Company performance report
Time-to-hire metrics
Time-to-fill metrics
Job statistics
Candidate Source Tracking
GDPR features
Encrypted Messaging
Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
In Person Live Online
24/7 Online

Top recruiters have the optimistic belief that the right combination of people will create magic together. We know this is true. Glorri empowers you to make it happen.